How to take care of your Height Seven

01 What you need

To start you will need a polishing sponge and a microfiber towel to clean dust.

02 Clean the dust inside and outside

Take the microfiber towel and dust off the outside and inside of the shoe or bag. Do it carefully and gently.

03 Use a polishing sponge

With the polishing sponge and WITHOUT adding any other substance, wax or liquid, the material is gently fortified in circular movements.

04 Store in its original box

Then make sure to store your shoes or bag in their original cloth pouch and box to protect them from dust and moisture.

05 Keep them out of the sun

Make sure to store your shoes or bags in a place where sunlight does not reach directly, since over time it can discolor them.

06 Avoid getting them wet

Avoid at all costs wetting shoes or bags with water or any other cleaning liquid that is not indicated for the material of the product.

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