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6 Colors of shoes you should wear

by Altura Siete 03 Apr 2024 0 Comments

Did you know that colors influence our emotions? And that the colors you choose for your outfit reflect your mood to a certain extent? It's true, each shade is intrinsically linked to different emotions and therefore plays a vital role in the world of fashion.

At Altura Siete , our shoe design process is based on a deep bond with the emotions and sensations that arise from each sensory experience . From an image that awakens feelings to an accompanying melody, we immerse ourselves in a creative journey where each element is intertwined to shape a unique story.

Our inspiration seeks a perfect balance , where contemplation leads us to experience happiness, joy and love. It is from this emotional connection that we carefully select the materials and colors for our creations. Each texture, each tone, is chosen with the intention of recreating the same feeling of beauty and harmony that initially inspired us.

At Altura Siete , we understand that each color we incorporate in our footwear designs communicates emotions, moods and even aspects of the personality of the wearer. That's why we carefully consider the color palette in each of our designs.

For us, colors are not simple pigments ; They are a means of communication with ourselves and with the world around us. Each nuance evokes a feeling, a desire, a thought. That's why we carefully observe them in our movements and in the way we design our shoes and choose our colors and materials each collection. In each color choice, we seek to convey not only style, but also a unique emotional experience for those who wear them.


Blue favors the balance of energies, communication and understanding of others. It is the most spiritual color of the entire rainbow spectrum. Blue is peace and tranquility, relaxation and harmony.


Red is the color of the joy of life, of vital force, a stimulating source of energies that can be both constructive and destructive. Active in all directions. It is the symbol of powerful willpower.


Yellow is the color of contact, of public life, of dedication to intellectual communication. Transmits joy and sympathy.


Green is the color of the illuminated heart, of harmonious growth. It releases creative energies, it is the color of love.


White is often considered the color of purity, innocence and clarity. It represents a blank canvas, symbolizing new possibilities and fresh beginnings. In many cultural and religious contexts, white is associated with divinity, peace and spiritual enlightenment.


    Violet is the color of maturity, of the union of opposites, of the communication of spirit and matter. It is an excellent color to deepen your meditation, make extreme experiences, and surrender to your spiritual guide. It has the energy of knowledge.

    At Altura 7 , we are proud to not only offer high-quality products, but also explore how colors can influence the well-being and experience of our customers. We firmly believe in the power of aesthetics to enrich everyday life. Don't forget to visit our online store to see our variety of products!

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