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WELCOME TO AWAKENING-Fall-Winter 2022 Shoe Collection

by Altura Siete 11 Oct 2022 0 Comments
Awaken your inner power with Height Seven shoes.
Every day that we wake up we take one more step to a constant invitation, through every moment of our lives, to wake up, to embrace ourselves as we are, with all our imperfections and allow ourselves to be what we are.
Waking up is that reality, it is learning to "be present", it is re-learning and stop inhabiting only our mind.

1.- The symbol

The Autumn - Winter 2022 collection of Altura Siete is inspired by the Awen symbol that often describes the rays that emanate three points of light. These three lines are related to the earth, the sea, the air, body, mind and spirit, love, wisdom and truth.
Awakening is not just an inspiration, but an inspiration of the truth that understands the truth, loves the truth, and maintains the truth. It is "being" is to stop looking far away and appreciate close, abandon the effort that things are not as they are. Learn to savor life raw, right now, at this precise moment that you are reading. No judgment, no expectation of peace, relaxation, or enlightenment. To know and acknowledge this moment on its own terms, to look at it as a gift that was given to us.

2.- The colors

The collection presents a range of autumn-winter colors between cherries, jade and lazuli, which reaffirm the energy and power of color, triggering a yearning for expression, harmony, hope and balance that invites us to explore combinations that shed light on beauty. materials and magnify the uniqueness of each savoir-faire (the art of enjoying life) and experience.

Are you ready to WAKE UP with the new
Fall-Winter 2022 shoe collection,
and feel you in each step closer?

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