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Height Seven present at the Women PRO 2024 awards

by Altura Siete 29 Feb 2024 1 comment

Founder of Altura Siete, winner of the Mujer PRO 2024 awards.

The PRO Network association, in its digital magazine PRO Magazine, released a list of 30 female entrepreneurs who are eligible for the title “ PRO Woman 2024 ”, which commemorates female power in the Mexican business sector.

According to the magazine itself, “These women stand out as inspiring examples of determination and success . From launching innovative startups to leading established corporations, each of them has overcome unique challenges to achieve success .”

Thus, the recognition seeks not only to celebrate the success of each of these businesswomen, but also to disseminate social progress in terms of equal opportunities in business and inspire all people to work hard on their projects.

This list mentions Paola Ramírez Alvarado, founder of Altura Siete , highlighting her career and experience in the National Association for the Footwear Industry (ANPIC) until the creation of this footwear studio.

Paola Ramírez Alvarado founder of Altura Siete mujeres pro 2024 pro network

In addition, he highlighted the quality of the work and the products manufactured at Altura Siete, describing the brand as “high-end Mexican” and “unique designs.”

Along with Paola, there are great personalities who received the title of PRO Woman 2024 such as Norma Elia Araujo, another great representative of the fashion industry , founder and CEO of Mara Grupo Empresarial , with more than 40 years of experience.

Fashion and design was quite present in these awards thanks to Linda Franco with her brand Machina and Yohaana Aguirre, although the list is multidisciplinary, covering technological, logistics and health areas.

Symbiosis Height Seven Collection

Express yourself with the Simbiosis collection !

At Altura Siete we are proud to be the fruit of the efforts of Paola Ramírez Alvarado, a woman who today is a standard bearer of the perseverance and effort of Mexican women .

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1 comment

18 Apr 2024 Cristina Luna
Mucho gusto me da por Paola, que a base de trabajo y de creer en ella y sus sueños es reconocida.

Gracias por brindarnos los más “cálidos” , divertidos y atrevidos diseños en tus zapatos.
Para mi son, verdaderamente como soy, son mi complemento de “actitud”.
Felicidades .

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