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Height Seven in the world

by Altura Siete 15 Dec 2023 0 Comments

On Altura Siete's fascinating journey around the world, we have witnessed the elegant echo of fashion resonate in emblematic places such as New York and Paris. The foray into these fashion capitals not only marked a milestone for the brand, but also serves as a platform to take Altura Siete's sophistication to new heights.


Where Style Meets Innovation

The Big Apple, known for its avant-garde fashion, enthusiastically embraced the creations of Altura Siete. The fusion of bold styles and attention to fine details captured the hearts of New Yorkers, cementing Altura Siete as a brand that not only follows trends, but redefines them.


The Cradle of Timeless Elegance

In the city of light and fashion, Altura Siete found its natural home. Parisians and visitors alike fell in love with the refined craftsmanship and designs that encapsulate timeless elegance. Our time in Paris has not only been a recognition of classic fashion, but also a tribute to modernity adapted to sophistication.

A Trace of Elegance in Global Media

Altura Siete has not only left its mark on renowned catwalks, but also in print and digital media around the world. From the vibrant markets of Vietnam to charming Slovenia, the pages of Bulgaria and the glimpses of Ukraine, the brand has been featured and acclaimed.

Marie Claire Ukraine: The Power of Women: Fashion Bringing the World Together

In Ukraine, Altura Siete has lit up the pages of digital media, carrying with it an aura of glamor and distinction. Our presence at this crossroads of cultures has been received with enthusiasm, capturing the attention of fashion lovers in the region.

Elle Slovenia: Postcard from New York: In search of inspiration for the new season's fashion combinations, head to the streets of the fashionable metropolis

In the heart of Central Europe, Altura Siete has left its mark in Slovenia, where elegance meets the crossroads of cultures. Our creations have found admirers among those seeking a style that transcends geographical boundaries.

Glamor Bulgaria: Charming elegance with model Emily Fay

In the pages of the Bulgarian media, Altura Siete has been acclaimed for its ability to fuse modernity with the classic. The brand's creations have resonated with those seeking fashion that celebrates heritage without sacrificing innovation.


Altura Siete's vibrant designs have resonated with the rich tradition of Vietnam, creating a bridge between the past and the present. The fusion of colors and patterns has captivated fashion lovers in this vibrant country.

From the bright lights of New York and Paris to the farthest corners of the world, Altura Siete continues to weave a global web of elegance. Each step on this journey brings us closer to our vision of bringing the exclusive and unique fashion of Altura Siete to every corner of the planet.

Join us on this exciting journey!

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